What makes Patent35 Better.

PATENT35 prepares patent applications. It’s all we do. That focus allows us to produce top quality results at a fixed price — $4950.00.

We have years of experience producing high quality patent applications.
Real People
PATENT35 is always just a phone call away and can be reached anytime.
Our highly trained technologists are here to help you get your project going.

How is it possible?

We have been asked how we can offer a fixed price of $4,950, when others are routinely charging $8,000-$20,000. We stress that not only do we keep our prices at a minimum, we provide top quality. We accomplish this because of the following reasons:

– Focus. Writing patent applications is all we do. That focus allows us to get good at it and to be efficient at it.

– Organization. We are organized for the sole purpose of writing patent applications. This means we are good at it and we do not have any unnecessary overhead.

– Tools. To date, computers have been used as word processors to prepare patent applications. We have developed proprietary tools that include checklists for specifications, libraries and organization tools that allow speedy reviews of the applications.